Transported legacy

Our Vision

Transported aims to increase the number of people engaging in and enjoying high quality arts experiences in Boston and South Holland.

Transported 2 (T2) is the second stage of a 10-year vision which sees the arts as providing an essential route to enriching and improving life in Boston and South Holland, celebrating its distinctive heritage, improving people’s lives and building communities. Our aims remain as they were at the start of the Transported Programme. The original business plan for Transported described our aims as:

  1. To increase engagement in the arts so that every community, estate and village in South Holland and Boston have the opportunity to shape and enjoy high quality arts experiences
  2. To build the capacity of the voluntary and professional arts sector in Boston and South Holland.
  3. To encourage communities to reflect on and value their location through their engagement with great arts experiences.
  4. To build dynamic partnerships with the public, private and third sectors.

These aims were drawn from the obstacles to engagement identified at the initial Open Space consultation meeting and reflected in our original bid and T1 programme.

Our approach for T2 recognises the need to do things differently. In the absence of an arts infrastructure, we have to build an infrastructure to deliver the arts. With a severely limited local authority resource, we have to target for third party strategic funding and increase the success rate of grant applications by our partners. Where there is limited expectation or ambition, we have to encourage new private sector and entrepreneurial partnerships that build the confidence to develop new areas of activity.

T2 will build on the success and learning from Transported’s first phase, transforming those projects which successfully engaged our target audience into Public, Private and Voluntary sector partnership projects that stand the best chance of being sustained. Planning discussions with key partners were based on the MB Associates (MBA) Interim report, which provided initial indications of Social Return on Investment (SROI) which suggested where we might expect to be able to make a convincing case for the development of new activity that delivered clear value for prospective partners and long term sustainability.

As we approach our next phase, we would love to hear your input. You can share your thoughts with us on our Share Your Vision page.