Working with FreshLinc and Boston Borough Council to commission innovative mobile artworks


Nick Jones


The Transported haulage programme demonstrates perfectly the Transported ethos of “transporting art” and making it accessible.

As part of our ongoing partnership with FreshLinc, designed wraps on their lorries put art on a moveable canvas that reaches not only those in Lincolnshire, but beyond to Europe.  They also celebrate our local area and what makes it special, in another recurrent theme of the Transported programme as a whole.  The first project with Alisha Miller was completed and the final ten FreshLinc lorry designs were unveiled in April 2015.  We have commissioned a second artist for a further ten lorries, but this time working with FreshLinc drivers to include them in the selection process.  We have also worked with Boston Borough Council on a similar project for their Refuse Freighters.  This approach takes our partners through the commissioning process.

Alisha Miller’s Haulage Blog


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