In 2014 Transported developed festival experiences for Boston Borough & South Holland


Burntwater_Transported_KBP_Tangled_Feet (61)Burntwater: a Creative Fenland Journey – a project which was both Past Inspired and Festivals – took place on the first weekend in August and was a massive success, with audiences reaching over 2500 in engagement throughout the two-day, multi-site event all over Spalding. Burntwater was inspired by the history and heritage of Spalding and the River Welland, and brought the community together to celebrate the past.   (Image: Burntwater by Tangled Feet, Kamal Prashar)


Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival (c) Electric EggTransported was delighted to offer some local participants the opportunity to perform at the famous Notting Hill carnival this year, working in partnership with London School of Samba.  Mid-August 2014 saw Marta Scott, one of London School of Samba’s fantastic dancers, come to Boston to lead a two day intensive rehearsal. The participants learnt new performance skills and were able to get a feel for what performing in a real, large scale carnival is like.

During the carnival itself, on Monday 25 August, the group did a fantastic job. It was an early start, making sure everyone was in costume and make up by 9.30am. With the rest of London School of Samba, adorned in fabulous brightly coloured costume, intricate make up and glitter and piles of enthusiasm and passion, we processed down the famous route of Notting Hill Carnival. The participants danced for over four hours and shone, albeit in not ideal weather conditions, but had a great time:

TransNHC 0072 by Electric Egg 8Y6A3686 1000 wide“My experience of Notting Hill Carnival was incredible. It was an honour to perform with some of the most amazing Sambistas (really good samba dancers to you and me!) from all over. I loved the costumes and the make up, and we may have got soaked but it didn’t dampen the carnival atmosphere! I want to thank Transported for a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“Notting Hill Carnival was an amazing experience I will never forget! If Transported ever do it again I will be the first on the list!”

“Notting Hill Carnival was the scariest, hardworking, craziest, wettest and most amazing August bank holiday I have ever had!! It was such a fabulous experience I got to share with my friends, memories we will share forever and I have Transported to thank for the opportunity!”

Transported would like to say a huge well done to the individuals that took part in this project and also to London School of Samba for such a wonderful opportunity. (Images: Electric Egg)

Family Arts Festival & The Big Draw

Family Arts Festival (c) Electric EggAs part of wider UK events Family Arts Festival 2014 and The Big Draw, Transported commissioned a variety of exciting artists and companies to bring activities and workshops to Boston Borough and South Holland from 18 October to 2 November. Creating this festival was a strategic decision to tie in with the Family Arts Campaign, a national initiative to develop the range of arts events available to families all over the UK, as well as the Big Draw, which offers thousands of drawing activities to people of all ages in all kinds of different contexts such as museums and outdoor spaces. This is our first effort to tie into these national campaigns, and in future we hope to do so with more forward planning so that our programming can be promoted more at a national level. This year we have worked with St Botolph’s, Pescod Square, and both Councils to bring some innovative and exciting events to Boston and South Holland as part of it. (Image: C-12 Dance Theatre, Electric Egg)

Boston Light Waves

Light Waves credit Electric Egg (4)Transported worked in partnership with St Botolph’s Church and Pescod Square in Boston to create two individual light installations, under the name of “Light Waves”, which took place over the late night shopping period in Boston. The installations aimed to enhance the experience for existing and new visitors, enabling them to appreciate the two very different environments. The Transported Team also worked with local communities to do smaller interventions that link the two installations. The longer term aim was to build a portfolio of commissions and community projects over several years to create a larger Festival of Light.

We  commissioned two very talented artists to produce these installations: Chris Squire of Impossible Arts, at Pescod Square; and William Lindley at St. Botolph’s. William’s installation explored the histories and narratives of the church and its wider landscape – real, speculative, and imagined – past, present, future and potential. A series of interventions as projected moving images created an immersive experience for visitors, encouraging exploration of the magnificent building. Chris Squire brought a creative programme of features – every week changing the elements to bring new offers from their exciting portfolio of participatory light installations. (Image: William Lindley’s Installation at St Botolph’s Church, Electric Egg)

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