£2.6 million funding!!!!

For those of you who still haven’t heard…..the lead consortium were successful with their funding bid!   Many thanks to all wider consortium members whose comments and support were invaluable in devising the proposal.   Press release below:

Creative People and Places Success

The South Holland and Boston Creative People and Places Arts Consortium is delighted that their bid for over £2.5million from Arts Council England has been successful.

An exciting and innovative programme has been developed by local representatives from the Lincolnshire Artist Forum, the Community Volunteer Service for the area and artsNK, North Kesteven District Council’s Arts Development Team.

The programme has the active support of South Holland District and Boston Borough Councils along with numerous other Lincolnshire based organisations and private sector partners. The Consortium will now be looking to strengthen those connections and develop new ones.

The three year programme, called TRANSPORTED is built around the theme of Transport. Great art experiences will be transported to the villages and estates of south Lincolnshire and equipment and training will be transported to artists to inspire new, ambitious projects. It is planned to include exciting links with all forms of transport in the area and in consultation with local people, producing unique arts events and opportunities that will see the area developing a leading role in the arts regionally and nationally. The project will be built on partnerships, including an effective relationship with local businesses, especially the haulage industry, to undertake projects on the side of lorries, thus transporting art across Europe.

What makes this scheme different from previous initiatives is that it is artist led, meaning more inventive, quality performances at established venues as well as new spaces, including libraries, empty shops and even on the high street. It is independent of, but in partnership with local authorities, other venues and art providers thereby benefitting the whole sector from the investment.