A digital Sketch Crawl activity guide

We’ve concluded the first phase of our creative programme for the Spalding Reconnected: Historic Town and Riverside project. We’re planning more activities but if you missed the events over July, then don’t worry, you can still get involved.

You may recall that July’s weather was a downpour of disappointment, let’s say, and so not all our planned outdoor activities could take place.

Once such event was a riverside sketch crawl with artist Emily Cartwright (The Art of Emily), but the wonderful Emily used the day instead to create a digital guide for the activity that she had planned and you can download here for free and use as you wish!

Click on the page title to download them.

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Further instructions from Emily:

The best way to do them is make yourself a little A5 booklet of plain drawing paper and do one activity per page. I designed the sketch crawl format to be an exercise in how you can create a small body of expressive and interesting drawings in a short space of time, and by association spend some time looking closely at and appreciating the riverside in Spalding. Maybe looking at in a way that you haven’t before! The techniques used are not advanced or complicated, they are simply ideas on how you can use some basic materials in a way that you may not have done before. It is by no means the only way to sketch, nor an exhaustive list. The set of drawings you create would be great starting points for more detailed and thought-out work when you have more time or could be worked into at home with different materials. However, I do think that this set of exercises creates a nice little sketchbook capturing the feel of a place and could be repeated at other locations if you feel inspired! 

I hope that you will be able to find some time to do the activities at your leisure.

Thank you for everyone that did have an interest in the event. If you do download the resource and use it, we’d love to see your creation! Tag us on our social media on @transportedart or use the hashtag #SpaldingReconnectedSketchCrawl

Another way to still get involved with the Spalding Reconnect: Riverside activities is to head down the riverside, at the back of the South Holland Centre and add a painted stone to the stone trail which began in sessions led by artist Dovile Sakalauskaite. Paint a stone and home and bring it to add to the colourful collection.