A Public Art Trail for Boston

An exciting conversation is taking place in Boston right now… Members of the Transported team and a group of Boston residents are discussing the possibility of beginning a public art trail through the town centre inspired by its heritage. This group includes Hamish McConchie of Lincolnshire County Council, Yvonne Gunter, Luke Skerritt, John Dyson and Ian Farmer of Boston Borough Council, Jenny Elwick of Boston’s Chamber of Commerce, Michael Bartlett and Sarah Carr of St. Botolph’s and Alison Fairman of Boston in Bloom. At the first meeting Alison gave a really interesting presentation about Boston in Bloom’s aspirations to improve multiple areas within the town centre. This includes not only foliage, but also public art works that reflect the history and heritage of Boston.

With this in mind, the group ventured out into the cold to tour the areas that In Bloom would like to improve. While walking, we discussed the possibilities of what kinds of artistic interventions could be possible, and what areas would benefit the most from such features. The meeting and tour ended on a high note: all partners are enthusiastic about starting this exciting work immediately, and we made plans to meet again soon to discuss more solid plans regarding specific locations and next steps.

We’ve met recently once again at Boston Borough Offices, this time with a large-scale map of Boston and printed out photographs we took on our walk of the spaces we’re interested in improving. Together we outlined the different spaces and discussed: what do we want to see happen, what do we think is important to preserve and celebrate and what are the practical implications of such ventures? It was a really valuable brainstorming session that will help us at Transported put together a suggested plan of action. Stay tuned for next steps!