How will Transported work?

Our first stage consultation, during which Transported collected opinions to shape the rest of the programme, took the form of a series of events provided by commissioned artists and companies briefed to navigate the barriers that traditionally have put people off from engaging with the arts, inspiring and engaging people to get involved.

Our approach throughout reflects a belief that people can only comment on what they know – so our initial consultation programme was about providing arts experiences first and then asking what should happen next by way of our committed Community Researchers at each event. It continues to be an artistic and consultative challenge that pushes us to get to the people that haven’t so far been listened to, engaged with or who didn’t feel they had anything to say.

Clearly some people in Boston Borough and South Holland do engage with the arts, and they expect their voices to be heard too, and their opinions and suggestions to hold equal weight in determining what Transported could offer as a programme.  So we need to understand, particularly in this first period, but to an extent throughout the initial three years, that Transported has to focus on those that don’t engage.

After the consultation phase the Transported team analysed the information gathered by the Community Researchers and planned Transported programme accordingly, culminating in a plan for moving forward – Transported Phase II Outline [insert link]