Our Story

Our Story

Transported is funded by Creative People and Places from Arts Council England.

Creative People and Places is funded by money from the National Lottery, and is about more people taking the lead in choosing, creating and taking part in art experiences in the places where they live. It focuses specifically on parts of the country where people’s involvement in the arts is statistically significantly below the national average.

Transported aims to get more people in Boston Borough and South Holland district enjoying and participating in arts activities.

Transported 2 (2016-2019)

In October 2015 it was announced that Transported had been successful in getting further funding from Creative People and Places to continue our programme from 2016-2019.

Since 2012, we have delivered an ambitious arts programme underpinned by new relationships built across public bodies and institutions, community organisations, groups and networks, and across local businesses. Our 2016-19 Business Plan consolidates our approach to working across public, private and community sector co-producing partnerships.  In addition, our Plan has been informed by:

  • priorities for the Creative People and Places programme 2016-19
  • our 10-year Transported vision for Boston and South Holland
  • impact evidence and learning from the evaluation of Transported 2012-15
  • outcomes of a series of planning meetings with our partner local authority, private sector businesses, community organisations and groups about need and ambition
  • the shift in our approach from ‘direct arts delivery’ to ‘delivery in partnership’ to build and embed community capacity and grow demand for high quality art
  • learning from artsNK’s management and implementation of the programme

At the heart of our approach for 2016-19 are three core concepts:

– developmental engagement within our three main sectors (public, private, voluntary / community): for greatest impact, reach, and sustainability

a suite of co-producing partnerships: underpinning the business model – partnerships which increasingly take the lead (extending the range of partners, empowering local organisations, businesses and people, equipping partners in arts development and delivery and so growing a new ‘infrastructure for the arts’)

a project management approach shifting from direct delivery towards partnership development and advice: in order to nurture and support a suite of increasingly self-sustaining community partnerships capable of meeting their ambitions through arts and culture.

To read the full business plan, click on the below link:

Transported 2 (T2) Business Plan 2016-2019

Interim Report

Click on the below link to read MB Associates‘s Interim Evaluation Report on Transported:

Transported Evaluation Interim Results

For more evaluation resources, visit our Evaluation page.

Transported 1 (2012-2016)

2015/2016 (Phase III)

As Transported moved into its third year, the programme, as well as increasing public engagement in great art, evolved to focus on activities that stand the best chance of being sustained. Every element of the programme was shaped to deliver clear value and purpose in partnership with the voluntary, public and private sectors, empowering local people and delivering great art to the people, places and spaces of Boston and South Holland.

Transported pursued the following main areas of activity:

2014 (Phase II)

Transported Phase II Outline

Phase II in 2014 delivered 11 different strands of activity to the people of Boston Borough and South Holland, determined by the research gathered in Phase I.  To read more about what they were, visit our Past Projects section.

Within each strand were events that explored our understanding of what quality looks like (Go Sees, artist talks etc.) as part of an ongoing Quality and Innovation Programme.

2013 (Phase I)

After a hugely successful launch event in Holbeach on Sunday 5 May 2013, Transported began an initial consultation phase (Phase I) and during May, June and July 2013 which took work and performances by commissioned artists on the road throughout Boston Borough and South Holland, gathering information about what arts activities the community would like to see in their area.

Transported Phase I Review