Transported Project Assistant

Transported is the Creative People and Places programme for Boston and South Holland. It is funded by Arts Council England to work with “the least engaged”. Our approach is to take arts activity to where people are, making it accessible in the first place and then talking about what else people want to do and where the arts can improve people’s lives or the places they live.

In line with the goals of this project to bring the arts to a wider community of people, we are particularly looking for applicants who are able to communicate in at least one of the Eastern European languages residents in the Boston area speak (i.e. Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian and Russian).

It would be wonderful for applicants to be residents of, or have good local knowledge of the South Holland and/or Boston areas.

This is a 0 hours contract opportunity, which makes the role extremely flexible as it depends on programme requirements from week to week.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Project Assistants will be employed by the University of Lincoln to flexibly support our community delivery through artist led activity and community events, such as openings and promotional activity, including running market stalls in Boston and Spalding
  • Project Assistants will be required to help and be briefed by artists on the day to assist with the delivery of the creative activity to participants, erection of the Gazebo, tables, chairs and wind chaser banners and laying out of equipment etc.
  • Project Assistants may be required to collect and return equipment for each event to the Transported storage units.
  • Project Assistants will be required to assist Transported and the Project Producer/artist with the collation of evaluation
  • Project Assistants will be required to support Transported in its proposition to ‘listen to the place’. This will be achieved by simple reporting back to the Programme Manager, or by making notes or observations where appropriate; training will be available 

If you would like to register your interest or for more information, please email us on