Call for Performers

Barbeque 67 Revisited

A specially commissioned performance for   Transported by Andy Barrett

In May 1967 The Summer of Love began. And it began in Spalding. And now a camera crew have  arrived to make a promotional video and to tell of their work in getting the town and the area recognised as the true birth place of Flower Power, and of recounting the story of the first great rock festival.

Andy is looking for people to join in with the performing of this new show which will be shown a number of times on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July on the streets of Spalding, as well as on Friday 19th in a location yet to be announced.  The rehearsal for this will take place during the day and evening on Thursday 18th at The South Holland Centre. There are roles with words, and there are roles for extras; and all are welcome (from fourteen upwards).

It should be great fun, (and quite loud). So if you’re interested in taking part in the telling of this incredible true story of rock legends, hippies, and hot dogs then please contact Andy on or call him on 07986 594395.

If you can only make some of the rehearsal time, or some of the performance dates then that may not be a problem.