cammdesign Reflector Blog Week 2

Artists cammdesign were commissioned last year to create a new piece of public art to be situated at RSPB Frampton Marsh, near Boston. The piece, called “Reflector”, will be revealed in a special celebration event in Spring 2015, which will also include pieces of art made in community activities running alongside the main project. If you want to get involved, you still can… Feather workshops are coming up with artist Julie Willoughby and all are welcome!

Week 2

We are very pleased with the way the sections are coming together accurately with continuous, flowing lines (photos Section G 5&6).

We are presently cleaning and polishing the welds of sections F&G.

We have also done some trials (in softwood) of the way we intend to attach the Cedar Cladding to the stainless Reflector and also the Nylon spacers which allow for ventilation between the steel and timber.