Coming Up: Boston Hanse Day

The International Hanse Day (Saturday 27 May) is a day of celebration for all Hanseatic towns and cities held in May every year. It is important for all members to maintain their self-awareness of being part of the Hanse and celebrate their membership. Activities relating to the theme of the Hanse are held so that residents can learn about the Hanseatic history of their town, and develop a feeling of what it means to live in a town that is part of a European network with a similar history, making them proud of their town or city.

Have a look at the poster below to see what’s in store for Boston this International Hanse Day:

Transported are excited to be working with Boston Hanse on a new project coming soon called Boston Unfurled: flag design and making workshops with artists Kathleen Smith and Ruth Pigott. We are inviting all Boston residents to work with these two local artists to design new Hanse Flags for the town. Please let us know if you are interested by emailing, and keep an eye on the website for more details as they unfurl (see what we did there?)