Community: Congratulations to Crowland Abbey!

Congratulations to Crowland Abbey, which has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor for consistently laudable praise from visitors.

In 699AD, the hermit Guthlac asked a fellow, Beccelm to take him to the most inhospitable place on earth, which is how  they arrived on the island of Crowland, hidden in the Lincolnshire fens. From this humble beginning, an Abbey grew to become by the middle ages, one of the most influential in the country. With a reputation as ‘Crowland, the courteous’, now, Crowland Abbey is the Parish Church, open daily, with heritage guides on duty from 11am-4pm. The adjacent medieval ruins include statues on the West Front considered to be among the most magnificent in the country and a C12 blog by the master mason, ‘This is what is going on in my world at this moment.’ It portrays ‘the hairy star’ later known as Halley’s comet which came near the earth in 1147AD.