Community: Free Community Group Workshop

Lincolnshire CVS are running a free community group workshop in Boston on Thursday 3 March.



A FREE Workshop for community groups.

This session applies to community groups and charities of all sizes, from a local ‘Knit and Natter’ group to a local branch of a national charity.

The key learning points will help you answer all the following questions, and show you the options for change.

From this workshop you will be able to make sure that you have all the essential building blocks in place to make sure your group is properly run, sustainable and “Fit for Funding”.

What type of group are we?

The workshop will explore the various types of community groups and help you define where your group sits.

Should we change?

Does this type of group suit what we do, or have we changed a lot over the years?

Do we need to re-think our governance?

Is our governance all it should be?

Does your group have the right “rules” in place?

Do you have a constitution?

Is it up to date?

Do you have the policies you need?

Who makes the decisions?

What about the money?

Do you have a bank account?

How is it administered?

Are we “Fit for Funding”?

Does your current governance and finance structure mean that you can apply for funding?

If not, what do we need to update or change?

Are we sustainable?

Can you continue without grant funding?

How do you cover your day-to-day costs?

Is there a ‘silver bullet’?

if this workshop is over-subscribed, we will arrange a second.


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