Elsoms Photography Exhibition

This year, Transported worked in partnership once again with Elsoms Seeds, but this time looking at visual art and photography. The Elsoms Photography project was run by artists Katie Smith and Steve Hatton and Neil Baker of Electric Egg.  A series of workshops took place in the staff canteen where employees could attend either at lunch or after work to learn and develop their photography skills.

Electric Egg’s workshops were based on the practical skills of taking a good photograph, and looked at composition, styles of photography and camera settings that help make the best of your camera and the photos produced. On site, employees took photos of both the site itself, and portraits of each other with the assistance of Neil Baker.

Katie Smith held workshops looking at alternative forms of photography that didn’t use a conventional camera, and produced images more abstract. The first saw employees create pin-hole cameras from matchboxes that created images through exposing the film to light for certain periods of time to capture an abstract black and white image. The other style of photography was creating cyanotypes which also involved light exposure but using plants and seed heads to create an image where the fabric wasn’t exposed. These created beautiful images that were made up of beautiful bright blue and white patterns.


A selection of these photos were then chosen by the artists to be exhibited in the work canteen, which were unveiled on Tuesday 15 December with participants who took the photographs and other work colleagues who came to see the work created on display.

All of the photographs in the exhibition are stunning and Elsoms itself, the artists and Transported team were blown away with the talent that emerged from the workshops. A big thank you to all of the people who took part in the workshops and featured in the exhibition:

Traditional Photography:

Marie Laure Bayard

Adrian Dunford

Simon Benton

Henry Cavanagh

Mick Taylor

Marta Paterak

Steve Simpson


Sally Minns

Rosanne Maguire

Pin-hole Photography:

Rosanne Maguire

Melanie Ebbage

Roger Keeling