Family Arts Festival: Sunday Fun Day

Nov 01

Start Sunday

End Sunday

Cost Free

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  01406 701006

Join us in Boston Market Place for a Sunday Fun Day – family friendly arts activities and performances as part of the nationwide Get Creative Family Arts Festival!

Timetable for the day:

Performance: Mayflower (Rhubarb Theatre) 12 noon, 1.30pm, 3pm

Ten minute performance.

After years of kings and queens changing religious allegiance, a few brave families travelled here to Boston, with the plan to flee to Holland where they would be free to practice their own religion. However, after paying for passage they find themselves betrayed by the ship’s captain and thrown into prison.  The years pass by, and eventually they are released and travel to Holland, but then later take the journey to America, naming the land first reached as Boston!

Rhubarb’s piece embodies the movement of migrating birds, no longer caged, but free to fly to safety.

This timeless tale of leaving a homeland and starting anew is as fresh and relevant today in Boston as it was 400 years ago.

Performance: Python on the Loose (Whalley Range All Stars) 12.15pm, 1.45pm

There’s an extremely large python curled up asleep where it shouldn’t be.  Shakespeare said “let sleeping dogs lie”, but this is a python.  And something must be done.  Watch the fun unfold as two fully trained zoo-keepers are sent to capture it…!

Performance: Frantic (Acrojou) 1pm, 2.30pm

Acrojou are an amazing circus/dance company who tour all over the world and Frantic is their new show which explores modern life’s obsession with always being busy. Is there a way of getting out and being free? Featuring acrobatics and dance-theatre choreographed around a moving wheel structure, this show will be a spectacular addition to our Sunday Funday!

Workshop: Make a Puppet (Strangeface Theatre10.30am to 2.30pm

Come and join us for a brilliant half day workshop led by Strangeface Theatre’s Artistic Director Russell Dean. Make your own tiny cup character to take away whether you are 8, 18 or 80! At the end of the session you can introduce your new puppet characters to family & friends in a tabletop story session. No previous knowledge is required, suitable for anyone aged 6 plus. This is an amazing opportunity to work with one of the country’s leading visual theatre-makers.  Strangeface are on tour in Boston and South Holland in October and November with Fen Boy.

Workshop: Autumn Arts & Crafts (Nadya Monfrinoli & Sarah Statham) 12 noon to 3pm

Come and help create a big Autumn Tree for Boston and also make something small and seasonal to take home with you!

Face Painting (Jo Hollingworth & Transported) 12 noon to 3pm

Come and be face painted with a range of unique and brilliant designs, specially created for Transported.



Transported is a strategic, community-focused programme which aims to get more people in Boston Borough and South Holland enjoying and participating in arts activities.  The programme is overseen by the Centre of Culture and Creativity at the University of Lincoln, and is funded by the Creative People and Places fund from Arts Council England.

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