First On Your Doorstep Project Announced!

Transported are pleased to announce the first On Your Doorstep project!

Fenside Community Centre lr

Thanks to nominator Sandra Beswick, the first of four exciting projects will take place at Fenside Community Centre, Boston. It will focus on local people and members of the community who use the centre and its facilities. The emphasis will be on community spirit and what represents Fenside’s residents and their stories.

The project will use photography to provide community members with the chance to take part in workshops and learn some new skills: local residents will work with an artist through a series of workshops to help inspire images that capture the heart of the community and the hidden stories that makes Fenside special. The project aims to leave a lasting legacy in the shape of large aluminium photo images that represent the local area and those that live there.

A brief for this commission will be released shortly and will be open to all artists and photographers who feel they can meet the project specifications.

Trompe D'Oeil

The project has been inspired by work that artsNK have undertaken with the Bracebridge Heath Gardening Society to create a Trompe l’oeil installed on a derelict building belonging to the very supportive Agri Company.  The project has left a lasting piece of art work that represents a community group and its members within the village and has turned a village eyesore into a creative space that catches the eye of any passer-by!

The aim for the Fenside project is to reach out and speak to all different members of the community, whatever walk of life they have travelled. We want to show people their own value and how they can have the power to make a difference to their local community through the arts.

For more information about On Your Doorstep or to voice interest in being a part of this project please contact Lauren Williams on 07747 271 824 or email  The next deadline for Area Nomination Forms is Saturday 31 May – to download a form, visit our On Your Doorstep page.