Food From The Farm: Visits

Food From the Farm celebrates local food in Boston Borough and South Holland.

Over the coming weeks, artist Hannah Gardiner, will be exploring the local foodscape by inviting community participants to various farms across Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire is one of the country’s most important food production regions, Hannah wants to pay tribute to this with the Food From The Farm project by enjoying the local produce, sharing stories from the farms as well as pulling together a selection of recipes which rejoices what is grown in Lincolnshire. The farms this project will be visiting includes;

Jack Bucks Farm

Strawberry Fields Organic Farm

Vine house Farm 

Pinchins Family Farm Shop 


(Image Credit to Hannah Gardiner)


Hannah is still looking for members of the Boston Borough and South Holland community to take part in this project. If you feel you would be interested in taking part, you can contact her here. Each group that visits the farms will consist of five members of the community and will have the opportunity to take a guided tour around the farm and later on, participants will enjoy food that has been grown there, contribute recipes and share stories about the farm.

For further information, take at look at the Food From The Farm  blog.