£500,000 funding for the arts in Boston and South Holland announced

Arts projects in Boston and South Holland will continue to grow thanks to additional funding that aims to make art more accessible.

Arts Council England have announced the extension of six Creative People and Places schemes, including the Transported programme Boston and South Holland.

Now in its seventh year, the Transported programme is a community-focused project that is creating more opportunities for people in the Lincolnshire area to take part in local events, festivals, business partnerships and performances and to support the development of creative skills over the long term and create a legacy of regular arts activity.

It also aims to break down the barriers preventing people from taking part in arts and culture, especially in rural communities, by finding creative ways to take the arts to places where people come together such as markets, food factory canteens, the school gate or village greens.

The programme is overseen by the Centre of Culture and Creativity at the University of Lincoln and the £500,000 of funding across the next three years will allow the project to continue to find ways and new artistic experiences to get more people involved and enjoying the arts.

Transported is one of the first initiatives to be supported by the Centre of Culture and Creativity since it was established with the aim of bridging the knowledge of the university with the local community to support the development of the exciting and dynamic projects that secure the longer term future of arts in the area.

Nick Jones, Transported Programme Director, said: “Transported has been building artistic ambition and partnerships over the last five and half years and this support by Arts Council will allow us to work with many more residents and groups in the area as well as support larger and more aspirational projects.

“Transported is keen to create new art works with local residents and to give voice to the story of the place and what makes it special and unique.”

Professor Matthew Cragoe, Pro Vice Chancellor/Head of College of Arts at the University of Lincoln, said: “The University of Lincoln is excited at the prospect of supporting the ongoing development of the Transported programme for Boston and South Holland.

“The Creative People and Places programme reflects the University’s role for the whole of the county.

“We are excited to bring our knowledge, expertise and capacity to assist with an exciting programme that reaches into the communities of market towns as well as the diverse workforce of the businesses in the area, creating truly stunning new artistic experiences and reflecting our civic role for Lincolnshire and the region.

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England, said: “Arts and culture make the places we live vibrant, exciting and inspiring, benefitting our wellbeing and helping local economies.

“This latest investment will see the Transported team build on the work they’ve been doing to ensure people in Boston and South Holland can get involved with arts and culture in the heart of their community, forging strong, lasting business links, and making people proud of where they live.”

Transported will continue to partner with Freshlinc – a national haulage company based just outside Spalding –  to create a new contemporary Opera as well as develop ambitious projects with local authority partners Boston Borough and South Holland District Councils.

Ashley Holland, Commercial Manager for Freshlinc, said: “We previously became involved with Transported during a project to create locally themed artwork that celebrates the area for twenty lorries in our fleet.

“Our lorries travel across the UK and Europe so it was great to provide a canvas that showcases Lincolnshire and the Fenlands to a wider audience while celebrating our local industries.”

There are currently 21 independent Creative People and Places Programmes across the UK in areas where there a fewer opportunities to get involved with the arts. Since it was established in 2013, Transported has currently delivered 589 activities in the area with approximately 26,000 people attending, with around 98% of audiences and participants coming from groups who usually don’t engage with the arts.

More information about Transported, including upcoming events, can be found here:

For enquiries, please contact Amy Zwaan on or 01522 886165.