Illuminate 2017

Images from the third Illuminate in Boston UK.

2017’s festival followed the beautiful light parades and stunning projects of Illuminate 2015 and 2016, with the themes of hope and betrayal, which will all build up to international celebrations of the 400th anniversary in 2020. This year, five different schools from across Boston (St Thomas’s, Wyberton Primary, Boston West Academy, Wrangle Primary and Giles Academy) created spectacular new lanterns for the parade, guided by artists Ruth Pigott from Curiosity Creators, Kathleen Smith, Nadya Monfrinoli and Jessica Thompson. There was also a performance of the Mayflower Anthem, written especially for Boston by musician Jo Freya, a live performance by an actor on stage, illuminations on Boston Stump and two stilt walkers leading the parade. Boston Illuminate now forms part of the Pilgrim Roots Illuminate series – other Illuminate events took place in the nearby towns of Gainsborough, Retford and Austerfield. Illuminate was delivered by Transported in partnership with Boston Borough Council, and is a Mayflower 400 UK project.

Images: Electric Egg

Project: Festivals