Illuminate 2018 will be themed on flora and fauna

This week is the week!

As the Boston Illuminate Festival is only 3 sleeps away, here is a little insight into what this year is all about.

The festival celebrates Boston’s connection to the story, the Mayflower and builds up to the international celebrations in 2020 of 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s sailing.

This years design has used the symbolism in flora and fauna to represent the qualities of the pilgrims;
The insects that work together to build a community, the industrious ant that fearlessly explores with its desire to seek things out. The migrating moth driven by its faith and determination. The bee’s unified by family, team work and tolerance and the cricket sings its song, finding its truth with conviction.

The floral brings more symbolism linked to the story of the pilgrims and their hope and dreams for a new future.
Forget-me-nots sprinkled with memories and hope.
Hope is also entwined in the flowers and leaves of the hawthornes.
Sweetpeas represent departures and goodbyes.
The oak leaf with its endurance and strength of faith in trial.
The chamomille is enterprising and the peach rose bring togetherness.
The mushrooms look individual but are a collective community.

And let’s not forget the mayflower that started it all.

This mix of symbols have been chosen the represent the story of how the pilgrims were motivated to come together to leave Boston and explore and seek a new life through their collective action.

These symbols will be seen in the costumes of the dancers, all in white and lit to reveal the patterns and shapes. The school lanterns are a whisper of moths with additional lanterns representing these chosen flora and fauna.

The wonderful artist from Curiosity Creators have been working hard with the community and in schools to make these symbols come to life. Come see it all in its beauty on Thursday the 29th November 2o18.

Contact for more details.