Last chance to visit the Food Hub

You may have noticed the Food Hub popping up across various locations in Boston Borough and South Holland this past week!

So, you may also be wondering ‘What’s it all about?’

The Food Hub is part of Artist Hannah Gardiner’s Food From the Farm Project. The initial stages of the project consisted of Hannah visiting several local farms in Boston Borough and South Holland, accompanied by small groups of local particpants. Hannah and the participants were given a tour of each of the farms they visited, then they were treated to a delicious meal consisting of produce grown on that particular farm! They shared stories about the food, how it was grown and any special recipes they had using the local produce.

Food Hub

(Hannah Gardiner with her Food Hub in Holbeach)

Travelling around with her Food Hub, Hannah celebrates the local produce that is grown right here in Lincolnshire! She will be distributing tasty samples, handing out recipe cards she collected from the farms and also collecting YOUR recipes using local produce!

All these recipes will then be collected together, alongside beautiful photographs of each of the farms and the food they produce, and put together in a book!

Don’t miss your final opportunity to see Hannah’s Food Hub and sample some of the recipes tomorrow at Pescod Square between 12pm and 4pm! We hope to see you there!