Latest Managed Care Network Brochure

Lincolnshire’s Managed Care Network for mental health aims to help people who have already experienced mental health problems, or who
are having their first experience of mental illness.  Transported and artsNK’s recent series of Taking pART workshops (creative workshops in Boston and Spalding Libraries) are funded by the Mental Health Promotion Fund through the Managed Care Network and Transported and are accessible to all members of the community with a special emphasis to integrate those experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues. The activities are designed to develop new skills, build lasting relationships and encourage mutual support in a welcoming and inclusive environment.  For more information on these workshops and when they take place, please click this link.

To read the latest Managed Care Network Brochure to see what other organisations are part of the network and what other activities are on offer, download the below document:

MCN Project List February 2016

Image: Phiona Richards