Musicians Needed for NEW Street Band!

Transported is looking to establish a new street band, a dynamic and energetic exciting troupe of troubadours to bring spectacular and powerful sounds to festivals and processions initially in southern Lincolnshire (Boston, Spalding, Sleaford). Inspirational and experienced musician Jo Freya will work with the new band to develop event specific music to add musical energy and elegance to community festivals and special events. Jo has worked with Blowzabella, Michale Morpurgo and more, with years of experience creating music for diverse groups of musicians with different musical influences. She also has her own compositional project, ‘Komposit’, which creates workshops for young composers working with musicians from different genres.

We are particularly looking for percussionists, brass, reed and wind players, sambistas and folksters who can carry their instrument or strap it to their back and play whilst processing.

The inaugural event  will be the Mayflower 400 Illuminate festival in Boston on the evening of Thursday 23 November, followed by regular rehearsals to work towards performing at arts and cultural festivals every year, climaxing in the 400th anniversary festival of the Mayflower in locations around the North East Midlands in 2020.

If you’re interested, please email and, or call 01406 701006.