New drumming group to have their first permformance at Illuminate Festival

Chris Lewis-Jones, founder of Sambawamba (carnival arts company), former Mestre of Nottingham School of Samba and currently Director of Zaboombanova Bateria, has been commissioned by Transported to run regular percussion classes at St Paul’s Church Hall in Spalding to create a new community Bateria, or drumming group.

The bateria participants have been exploring samba-reggae, afoxé, maracatu and batucada samba rhythms, which they will show off for the first time at the Illuminate festival in Boston on Thursday 29th November.

The instruments used (so far) are all Brazilian. The heart beat of the bateria is the bass drum known as the surdo, which marks the on-beats. The off beats are played on a snare drum known as the caixa. Other instruments include, tambourims, timblas, repiniques, a variety of shakers, agogo and cowbells. Chris hopes that by the end of the project South Lincolnshire will possess a cracking bateria that will be self-sustaining and will enhance arts festivals and community events across the region well into the future.

The group meets at St Paul’s Church  Hall in  Spalding ( PE11 2HY) from 6pm to 8pm every Tuesday. All welcome (no experience needed)!

Contact for more details.