News: Family Fun Fridays

In the summer of 2014, Transported was part of Boston’s Family Fun Fridays, which were organised by Boston Borough Council and brought an array of different arts performances and activities to Boston marketplace. The local community loved them, so this year Transported is working in partnership with Boston Borough Council to deliver another programme of exciting arts events in the town centre.

During the summer holidays, each Friday will bring an exciting performance or drop in workshop to Boston Marketplace.  Here’s what’s in store:

24th July

Julie Willoughby from Zoomorphia will be working with a variety of textile materials to create “Material Mayhem”, a special wall hanging depicting local landscapes.   Julie will be using easy textile techniques for beginners like rag rugging, plaiting, tassles, knotting and big stitches, along with more skilled techniques like mega embroidery, suffolk puffs and hooking. If you have any old (washed, please) T shirts bring them along to be incorporated into the wall hanging for posterity!

7th August

Markmark Productions, fresh from teaching circus skills as part of our circus summer school and evening classes in Boston on 3rd to 5th August, will be taking to the streets with some unique circus themed walkabout acts.  For more information, visit

14th August

Rhubarb Theatre will be performing their new playful, energetic street theatre show ‘Bookworms’, and Julie Willoughby will be creating more “Material Mayhem”.

21st August

Jestival will be holding exciting workshops allowing you to learn some basic circus skills. In between that, they will be bringing circus themed walkabout acts out to play.  Come and join The Eloquent Fold (artists Carole Miles and Phiona Richards) for a free drop-in workshop and have fun with fabrics and words.

28th August

Faceless Arts will be working with you to learn the beautiful art of silk painting. Have a quick go or stay and create your own piece to take home. The Fabularium will be performing a series of their charming animal based, musical fables.

Running alongside these activities will be further workshops in Boston town centre as part of an ongoing project – “From Station to Stump” – which aims to brighten up the route from the train station to the Bridge West Walkway.  Award winning garden designer Jeni Cairns will be running a creative workshop in the area next to B&M on Friday 24 July, working on insect hotels and bird houses for a new garden in the area, and Zaneta Belasicova will be holding workshops on 8, 14 and 21 August to work on banner designs to line the route.