News: Free Symposium on Rural Artistic Diversity

Rural Artistic Diversity: A Lincolnshire case study

Symposium and Round Table Discussion

Friday, 16 September 2016, 9.30 am – 5.00 pm, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, University of Lincoln

The Lincolnshire Diversity in the Arts: Research and Development is an Arts Council England funded project, undertaken by the University of Lincoln, aimed at enquiring ways to develop cultural and artistic diversity in rural England, by taking Lincolnshire as a case study. The project is developed and co-directed by Dr. Arya Madhavan and Dr. Sreenath Nair, artists and academics living and working in Lincolnshire. This research project aims to develop new thinking around artistic diversity in rural counties such as Lincolnshire by taking theatre as a methodological tool for its enquiry.

As part of this project, the University of Lincoln is organising a one day symposium which brings together artists, cultural and community leaders, various organisational heads and schools (to name a few) in an event of gathering ideas and opinions, around the theme of rural artistic diversity. The symposium will provide opportunities for all its participants to express their view points on the ways in which rural artistic diversity can be addressed and enhanced, which, in turn, will contribute to making the Lincolnshire arts sector richer in texture and diverse in nature. Key points of the discussion from the symposium will contribute to the designing of strategies helpful in diversifying the county’s arts sector.

The central question of the symposium is: Is arts a useful medium for rural communities to engage in diverse cultures? The symposium will enquire this question through exploring the existing challenges in diversifying arts in rural counties such as Lincolnshire and designing possible solutions for addressing the challenges as identified, such as:  1. Distance, 2. Demographics, 3. Infrastructure/Marketing, 4. Cultural learning/Audience development, 5. Funding/economics, 6. Recognition.

The seminar will be interactive in nature and thrust will be given for discussion and debates around the topic. We welcome your participation and contribution to this symposium, and it is an opportunity to voice your opinions on the topic.

To discuss your participation further or for more information please contact:

Dr Arya Madhavan and Dr Sreenath Nair on or

Deadline for registration: 26 August 2016