News: Open Call for Freelance Artist with SO Festival

Open Call opportunity for a Freelance Artist to come forward and work with SO Festival and Garsington Opera on a Young People’s Project in Skegness.


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SO Festival & Garsington Opera for All wish to commission an artist to work with a group of young people (up to 15) from Skegness to curate, budget and deliver the space for the screening of Semele by Garsington Opera. The LED truss screen and the space for screening the opera is already identified and budgeted for. It is expected that the space will have:

  • A seating area for audience (up to 200)
  • Activities for children and families
  • Any additional dressing for the space

The artist will:

  • Facilitate a series of workshops with the group of young people to explore themes and possibilities for the space
  • Working with the young people to select seating and dressing for the area on their chosen them
  • Identify appropriate family activities that complement and support the themes of the festival and of Semele.

 Theme – Semele

Handel’s opera Semele is a love story with a twist; the god Jupiter is captivated by the beauty of the all-too-human Semele. Jupiter entrances Semele She rejoices.  In this parable of over-ambition and over-indulgence Semele flirts with danger by demanding immortality and suffers the consequences, leaving behind her one life-enhancing legacy – her son, Bacchus, god of wine.


The artists’ fee for the work is £1500, which we expect will require a commitment of approximately 6-8 days (including 2 days at the festival on the weekend of 1 & 2 July). A budget of £6000 is available for the creation of the space.

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Friday 17th March 2017

Applications should be sent to:

Katie-Louise Green

SO Festival Coordinator | 01507 613449

The artist will be selected by SO Festival and Garsington Opera for All.