News: Veterans Visit ‘RAF Holbeach’ Lorry

Transported and FreshLinc recently hosted some local veterans who wanted to see the “RAF Holbeach” lorry in Alisha Miller’s collection of designs.

“RAF Holbeach” attracted the attention of Harold Payne when he saw it on a BBC Look North TV report.  Harold runs the Anglia Hotel at Fleet Hargate and also raises money for the Royal Anglian Regiment Benevolent fund.  He contacted FreshLinc and Transported to organise a private viewing for two local veterans, John Summerson and Tony Blackman.  John and Tony loved seeing the design up close and said that it brought back memories, and made them feel proud to be British.


Famous model makers Corgi have also approached Transported and FreshLinc to make a model of this particular design to be produced and available for purchase as part of next year’s collection.

Artist Alisha Miller describes the inspiration behind ‘RAF Holbeach’…

This landscape is the bombing range at RAF Holbeach. It features the flight tower and a strange looking island locally referred to as ‘the doughnut’ due to its circular shape with a dimple in the middle. I initially chose to include the Lancaster Bomber purely because of its fantastic shape and visual image. It’s a magnificent feat of engineering, a giant bird in the sky. However, I wasn’t prepared for its popularity with absolutely everyone I met. People in this area have a real love for this aeroplane and most people talked of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.  Just north of Boston is the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby, its the only place in the country to see a Lancaster Bomber on an original wartime airfield, and ride in it! It was suggested by many if I were to feature the Lancaster Bomber then I should show it during the triple flight with a Spitfire and a Hurricane. One of the postcards returned to me stated, ‘My mother’s cousin was rear bomber for a Lancaster Bomber from Kirton’.”

Images: Electric Egg