One Summer in Swineshead

Socially engaged artist and researcher, Katie Smith, has been commissioned by Transported for this latest photography project; ‘One Summer in Swineshead‘. The project focuses on Swineshead life, with the final aim of producing a photo-archive of the village life in Swineshead.

The twist in this project, is that the photos will not be taken by artist Katie, they will in fact be taken by residents of Swineshead village. Initially, nine members of the Swineshead community will each be provided with a 27 photo disposable camera and a scrap book, then these nine community members will pass the cameras and log books to nine other residents of Swineshead, altogether there will be 27  participants. Participants will use their nine photos and the log book to document all things Swineshead. Katie says;

‘Participants can take photos of anything; where they live/work, their family, what they do in their spare time, a favorite place in the village, what they have for breakfast… basically anything Swineshead related. The aim is to create a snapshot of what it is like to live in village in the summer of 2014.’

The overall ambition of the project is to celebrate all things Swineshead, Katie was brought up in the village herself, and is keen to showcase the village to the wider community as well as help bring the members of the village closer together. All of the photographs taken by the residents will be exhibited through an online gallery as well as a pop up event once the project has come to a close.

You can follow the One Summer In Swineshead project here.