Open Book Artists Announced

Transported has commissioned five exciting projects for the Open Book strand of the programme, to run across the static and mobile libraries of Boston Borough and South Holland this summer.  The artists and companies that have been commissioned are:

Eric MacLennan

In this performance, entitled A Journey to the Centre of Your Heart, Eric MacLennan will encourage audiences to discover the wonder in their own world. You’ll learn that the norm can become surprising and new. You will be invited to take an extraordinary journey around the library with the performer, and his suitcase. A suitcase and a sense of adventure go hand in hand so there is a reason that the suitcase features so prominently in film and fiction. Whether it is a box of memories, exploits, danger or just the everyday, it has the potential to be filled with a sense of wonder. The aim is for the viewer to experience the excitement felt when watching a performance, but in the style of a special encounter. MacLennan’s set up allows the spectator to instantly become involved in the story, and to become a character in their own personal adventure. Eric will spend one week exploring the libraries of Boston Borough and South Holland and a further two weeks performing the pieces in Spalding, Pinchbeck, Boston, Sutton Bridge and Holbeach libraries.

The Eloquent Fold (Carole Miles & Phiona Richards)

Their piece, entitled A Flock of Words, will combine a series of arts making sessions with the public and an artist in residency working in Long Sutton, Crowland and Spalding libraries. The Eloquent Fold will lead 3 half day workshops in each library, using different craft materials and techniques to create components that make up a larger community art piece. During the residency, the two artists will collaborate to create a sculpture that explores stories from the communities. Both workshops and the residency incorporate tea and cake and a chance to sit and share stories. The pieces of work created in both workshop and residency will be displayed in the libraries.

Cabinet of Curiosity

Cabinet of Curiosity will use paper craft techniques to create an architectural installation based on the idea of ‘pop-up books’ within Boston, Donington and Kirton libraries. Each installation will be made from recycled paper materials and convey the stories and cultural heritage of Lincolnshire. To coincide with the installation, Cabinet of Curiosity will also run a series of 6 workshops, 2 in each library. The workshops will engage participants with the skills required to express their cultural heritage using paper craft techniques. The local community will be encouraged to get involved with the final installation by contributing a piece of origami made using personal artefacts. These pieces will be assembled to create textile artworks that bring the community together in an eclectic patchwork.


Following on from their success in the static libraries with The Librarians in September 2013, Pestiferous will be returning to Boston Borough and South Holland for a 5 day tour of their physical theatre show in the mobile libraries. Favourite characters and sketches will return but with brand new material created specifically for a mobile library. Pestiferous will take a trip outside of where the library stops to gather people together, follow their roaming musical bookshelf and be led back to the library where the performance will happen.

Dave Wood

Dave will spend a week traveling with the mobile library around Boston Borough and South Holland writing poems to and for the people that come on board. When customers enter the library, Dave will begin the process by use of an imaginative form. He might ask about people’s interests or mood at the time. The poem will be written while they browse the books and check out their orders for the day. Then, as they leave, will be given their own poem to take with them as a reminder of their experience on the library. A collection of all the poems will be compiled at the end of the residency; a quirky, poetic map of Dave’s journey of encounters!

Dates and locations for all of these projects are in the process of being confirmed. Keep your eye on the Events page for events tagged Open Book and sign up to our mailing list for updates on what will be happening near you!