Open space notes – crossing art boundaries

Here are some brief notes on what was discussed at the session on how different art forms can collaborate at the initial CPCP open space event on 12th March 2012.

  • Community consultation – already expressed interest at a small scale
  • South Holland Centre is very interested in development of participatory work linking into performing arts
  • Bring a lot of artists in
  • onion layers of skills
  • Put on something for children, but encourage parents too through a different medium
  • Increase ambition and experiences – introduce people to new creative things
  • Link into existing groups and activities
  • Noda and other groups to promote singing benefits, to improve well-being
  • Local arts centres have to fun themselves
  • Cross art forms in project
  • Also in workshops together
  • S(ound?) Lincs doing event – sort of creative speed dating for creatives.
  • Creative circuit training