Open space notes: How to engage different/new people

Session one, table three.

You can’t just turn up and expect people to join in.

  • Try going to unexpected places e.g.
    • Supermarkets
    • RSPB nature reserves
    • Pubs and markets
  • Try engaging through different media e.g.
    • What’s On brochures
    • Summer fun for families
  • Use different methods for different audiences – market research and advertising
  • Get a voice in the community and build on that
  • Start with existing groups
  • Community champions
  • Work with groups who don’t necessarily ‘do’ arts such as rugby clubs for example
  • Free taster sessions
  • Need to survey why people might not be taking part
  • Flash Mobs are a way to get attention and start people asking questions
  • Need to be accessible to everyone in the community, use music or try theatre without language.
  • Try being outdoors, this is more informal and more accessible
  • Music on trains
  • Nights out in pubs where certain things happen throughout the evening but you’re not  certain which events are performed and which are real.