Open space notes – Involving professional artists in community activity

Here are some brief notes on what was discussed at the session on how to involve professional artists in community activity.

  • People who do art for a living – who are experienced – have relevant skills
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Well known artists need to have opportunities
  • Developmental relationship
  • Familiar places, unfamiliar artists
  • Links to what exists and sustainability
  • Community spaces – some are available
  • Use creatives who are already coming into the county, eg to the Uni or other arts venues
  • BBC are interested in site specific work
  • Archives interested in being involved and have lots of artefacts that are of relevance to local people – good way of engaging them?
  • Film projects in specific communities, eg Polish and Bosnian in Boston
  • Support for the area’s emerging artists and encouraging them to stay
  • Buddying between professional artists and those just starting out or needing help
  • What can we offer artists? Need to value what we have and that there are creative ways of applying
  • Example of taking communities to see other places and projects, eg Barcelona