Open space notes – issues around volunteering

Here are some brief notes on what was discussed at the session on how to encourage volunteering.

  • Not ‘out there’ enough
  • Volunteers need to get more from it
  • Preconceptions are wrong and there’s a need to break down stereotypes
  • Volunteer development programmes
  • Work experience – volunteers can be difficult for local companies
  • Need to consider transport
  • Planning needed around accommodation
  • Why have volunteers (passion v work experience)
  • How can they be utilised long-term?
  • Can volunteers help raise engagement
  • Diversity of roles needs to be planned
  • Demographics – many volunteers retired?
  • Volunteer section should be a part of any bid
  • Widening participation and more active communities
  • Research to assess success
  • This kind of information needs to be in any bid
  • Communication – interaction and discussion space needed
  • Tying into Twitter and Facebook
  • Geography an issue?
  • Use libraries for communication – increase use of, and museums too
  • Feedback to volunteer coordinator for any issues (eg training etc)
  • Need for allocation of funding in bid for volunteer recruitment and retention
  • Volunteer aspect needs to be developed to help sustainability.