Boston Mural Residents Group

The Boston Residents Murals Group (BRMG) is a voluntary steering group, working together on public art projects aimed at improving the town of Boston and fostering pride of place in the community.

The Mural group is made up of residents and representatives of a broad range of groups who will provide community connectivity and local knowledge. Working with the group, Transported has identified walls around the town for a series of painted “wing” artworks representing animals found at RSPB Frampton. The goal is to create 8 attractive artworks using a range of techniques, some as participatory projects with local residents and schools.

The project will also produce a Wings Trail leaflet, enhancing the areas visitor and outdoor activity offers. Transported will manage artist recruitment, briefing, and monitoring.

Participants will benefit from the joy of learning new skills, working with others to make a positive contribution to the town, boosting self-esteem, and a sense of community. The Wings Trail will increase people’s awareness and appreciation of RSPB Frampton and Freiston Shore, and the area’s natural heritage and history, increasing pride of place. The Trail will encourage people to walk and exercise more, motivating more visitors to explore the town, staying in the area longer, collecting the artworks, and visiting Frampton.

Ultimately, the project will help people connect with wildlife and the environment, leading them to care for it better. In addition, Transported is commissioning a professional artist to work with local residents and groups to create a mural in the West Street area. The goal is to engage with residents, businesses, and shoppers in the area, making the mural and the street seen as assets to the town that add interest to visitors.

Transported has established positive relationships with community groups and schools and will work with the selected artist to engage with them. Pop-up workshops will be held nearby to the installation locations, making it easy for residents and footpath users to take part, enhancing community cohesion. The costings for the project are being scoped, and a budget for the first murals and an indicative plan for expanding the murals project will be developed. We are hopeful for

Join us in this exciting project to improve our town and connect with nature!