Boston School of Mosaic

The Boston School of Mosaic is an initiative to bring together the people of Boston to explore local heritage and learn new skills in mosaic making whilst working with professional artists.

The School has been formed as a result of an aspiration for a new creative work of art in Dolphin Lane Heritage Mosaic in Boston’s town centre.

Transported Art project, Heritage Lincs and Boston Borough Council commissioned (via National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Townscape Heritage Initiative, Boston Townscape Heritage Project) artist Karen Francesca to work with residents and businesses of Dolphin Lane to create a new spectacular mosaic artwork.

Public workshops in the Dolphin Lane Courtyard

The Dolphin Lane Heritage Mosaic was installed on Monday 17th October 2022 and features hundreds of tiles, hand-cut tiles and tiles made with local community groups in outreach sessions.

The Dolphin Lane courtyard with the installed mosaic

The Boston School of Mosaic worked tirelessly to bring all these pieces together under lead artist Karen’s supervision to create the finished artwork.

You can find out more about the symbolisms in the design here.

The Boston School of Mosaic members working at Fydell House

Transported Programme Manager, Rachel Bryant, said ‘This work of public art is an example of what is achievable when local people, agencies, communities and organisations work together and find common themes.

As well as the representation of what is important to local people in this heritage mosaic, we are left with a legacy for the town in the Boston School of Mosaic, who will continue to use their mosaic-making skills in other local projects.’

Boston School of Mosaic currently meets at Fydell House, where everyone in Boston is welcome to join to learn, make and discuss!

Starter materials and equipment are provided and new beginners will be guided.

To get involved, please contact the group on

Or get updates and information from the School’s social media:

The School is supported by Heritage Lincolnshire, Boston Townscape Heritage Project, National Lottery Heritage Fund, the ASDA Foundation, East Midlands Railway Community Fund, Arts Council England, University of Lincoln, Transported and Boston Borough Council.