South Holland Print and Play (Spalding Parish Map)

This project is a new board game, inspired by and featuring local landmarks which has been created in collaboration between artistic organisation Brew Projects (Laura Mabbutt + Beth Lambert) and the residents of South Holland.

In 2022, residents of Spalding were invited to contribute their ideas to the creation of a new map of Spalding by sending in their memories and favourite places in the town. Contributions could take place in the form of drawings, poems, collages and or participants could use downloadable worksheets (available at the bottom of this page).

Artists Laura and Beth asked the public to share with them hidden spots or locations that had memories and significance to the contributors.

The Spalding Arts & Crafts Society took on the task as one of their regular challenges and submitted beautiful entries (you can find out more about the Society and how to become a member here).

After taking in the wonderful contributions, not only have Laura and Beth created a map but they have transformed it into the board of a print and play game!

Download the game here.

The aim of the game:
Travel around the map and stop off at all of the locations. Pick up a souvenir artwork of each location as you go and add it to your travel journal. The first person to complete their travel journal with all of the artworks wins the game.
Before you play:
Print off this document and cut out the items following the
dashed lines. Stick the game board pages together using sticky tape. Use the image of the game board on the next page as a guide. If you’d like to play with more players, simply print more artwork sheets and travel journal pages.
There is a paper dice template in this document that you can cut out and assemble, you can use a standard die if you have one or you can download a dice rolling app on your phone.
There are paper counters to cut out, or you can choose to use your own item as a counter – such as a coin or figurine.

Share your photos of you playing and thoughts of it with us on social media @brew_projects and @transportedart

In case you’d like to use the activity sheets (although we can no longer take contributions, we’d love to see them) and get creative at home, you can download them here: 

Air Dry Clay Booklet – Parish Maps
What you’ll need:

  • Some Air Dry Clay
  • Items to shape your clay such as kitchen utensils
  • Acrylic paints (if you would like to paint your finished object)
  • A camera – so you can send us a photo of what you have made

Collage Booklet – Parish Maps
What you’ll need:

  • Glue (such as a glue stick of PVA)
  • Old magazines and newspapers (local magazines work well)
  • A piece of card to use as a base (this could be the back of a cereal box or an art board).
  • A camera – so you can send us a photo of what you have made

Creative Writing Booklet – Parish Maps
What you’ll need:

  • A pen or pencil to write with
  • Optional – materials to decorate your writing with

Mark Making Booklet – Parish Maps
What you’ll need:

  • A pencil
  • A pen
  • Paper to work on 
  • Optional – some different-sized pens to experiment with.

We’d like to thank to following people for their beautiful contributions to the location artwork for this map game:
Iain Braid – Ayscoughfee Hall Lamp, Spalding
Clare Ratcliffe (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – Porch @ All Saints Church – Church Street, Holbeach
Erica Prowse (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – Across the Fields to Gosberton Church – Gosberton
Gill Harker (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – Florist Shop – Herring Lane, Spalding
Katie Stanney (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – Across the Fields to Moulton from Cobgate, Moulton
Liz Wellings (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – Ayscoughfee Hall from the Garden – Churchgate, Spalding
Maggie Goodsell (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – The Old Fire Station – Double Street, Spalding
Pam Wood (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – Springtime at Springfields, – Camel Gate, Spalding
Stuart Martin (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – Bridge Street from Town Bridge – Bridge Street, Spalding
Sue Slote (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – Our Beautiful Lane – Raceground, Spalding
Veronica Pryke (Spalding Arts & Crafts Society) – Prior’s Oven – Sheep Market, Spalding
Anonymous – ‘Pink Bridge’ Artwork and ‘Spalding Haiku’ poem