Tonic Taster Arts

Tonic Taster Arts are a programme of short workshop courses of different art forms, delivered to the dementia patients at Tonic 44 centre in Surfleet, giving them ‘tasters’ of the art forms.

As we come out of lock down and start to recommission some of the project strands, we have been listening to people and service providers relate the need to get back to social activity, especially the most vulnerable and most isolated, for their physical and mental health and general wellbeing.

We have solid evidence of the value of arts activity as a catalyst to bring people together, so in response to the opportunity to apply for Mental health Promotion fund, we have a new strand of activity with Tonic Health taking place in their Spalding and Surfleet Community café.

Fantastic Beasts and How To Make Them participant creations with artist Mark Steadman

The first set of 4 sessions was entitled Fantastic Beasts and How To Make Them with artist Mark Steadman and utilised a variety natural items such as sticks, leaves and fungi to create a range of objects.

Other sessions are mixed media, monoprinting, collagraphs (a printing technique) dry point and pottery.

Mixed Media with Faye Parker and Ellie Benton