Community Clay

This project is a part of our Creative Response to Loneliness programme, free to participate and open to Boston and South Holland residents.

Don’t isolate; collaborate. We would like to invite people that feel isolated and experience loneliness especially as a result of Covid 19 to have a go at making a clay tile.

You do not need to be artistic or have used or played with clay before. You can ask anyone to help you if you want to. We will support you with simple ideas and techniques and zoom demonstrations. You will be provided with a free kit which will contain all you need to construct the tile. Then it is down to you what you want to add to the tile to reflect your experience. This could be images of musical notes if music was important to you or images from your garden, your favourite flower or even images of your pet. We would like you to tell us why you choose that image.

We will make a tile along with you and you will be amazed how easy it could be. It is hoped that you can share your ideas or post questions on a Facebook page dedicated to this project. By sharing your ideas and experience of this difficult time we hope will help you to realise that they are not alone.

The tile kit will be delivered to you and collected from you. We will fire your clay tile so that it becomes permanent. We will then mount the tiles to form a mural or wall hanging. We intend to display the final piece so that the wider community can also relate to the images bringing us all closer together.

The kit will contain some simple instructions, clay, plastic sheet to protect the table and cotton sheet to roll or beat the clay onto as well as a template for size and thickness of the rolled-out tile before you start adding or carving your own design.

We intend to set up online support where you can share your work, ideas and experience. It is hoped that this will offer participants the opportunity to make new connections.

To get involved, please contact either Mark or Jo at for further information.

If you would like to know a little bit more about us please look at our website