CREATE-on: Curious Lockdown Tales

The Lockdown Shed

This project is a part of our CREATE-on programme, a programme made in response to the Covid-19 restrictions challenging the way we stay creative.

Project description

The Curious Lockdown Tales project is a unique and enchanting online storytelling through puppetry, mixing the imagination with the narrative of everyday moments in this unique situation.

With artists makes, hints and help, participants can either follow the story of Clarence Fox and Alabama Robin or they can join in with the processes and make their own stories and characters.

“Alabama listened as snippets of neighbours conversations drifted over the fence in the evening breeze.”

Created by artist Ruth Pigott of the Curiosity Creators, in her shed-turned-studio in lockdown, the charming Clarence and Alabama share their experience and unique perspective on quarantined life. Alongside the characters and some of their friends from the garden, you can follow the making process and learn how to create your own puppets at home.
You can also interact with the story on Instagram, like, comment and share! Why not leave a comment on what you think the friends should get up to next?

We’re inviting you to write down your own narration of events happening to you during lockdown or make your own characters to voice your thoughts. A little notebook to use for short sentences that sum up a day or a moment, in your own voice or perhaps through one of your favourite movie characters. It’s amazing how using voices of different personalities can help shift perspectives on a situation.

How To Get Involved

  • Keep along with the creative process on the Curiosity Blog and learn how to make your own puppets. 

    Make your own Anouk Squirrel

  • Follow the tales of these curious creatures on their Instagram page (@curiosity_arts).


  • If you do make something and would like to share it, please use the hashtag #createon and tag in @transportedart – we’d all love to see how you are doing.