CREATE-on: FenFrott

This project is a part of our CREATE-on programme, a programme made in response to the Covid-19 restrictions challenging the way we stay creative.

Project description

Chris Lewis-Jones

Artist Chris Lewis-Jones is inviting people to make rubbings on paper (frottage) that record the forms and textures of the streets on which they walk and the homes in which they live.

Using any mark making tools you may already have, rub over various surfaces, building up collection of drawings of context-specific textures and forms (a plug hole, ceramic tiles, floorboards, a light switch). 

Alongside this, there will be opportunity to take part in focus exercises; stand or sit still for a specific period of time and record everything you see, hear, smell and feel. The thoughts can be written/typed and presented with the frottages. After you’ve done creating your drawing, post your finished drawings and, if appropriate, writings, onto the FenFrott Facebook group! Other members can try to figure out the location of the exercise.

Chris headed to the streets of South Holland and Boston in late June. Chris made some deliveries in his FenFrott livery straight to residents doors and also got lots of lovely people involved in the town centres when he and project assistant demonstrated frotting live on local attractions. 

In Walk, Talk Listen + Frott, Chris lead groups through various villages and towns across the region to frott what they could find and appreciate their surroundings, especially those of historical significance.

To Get Involved

  • Find any mark making materials you have around the house, pick a room and find objects to represent that room. Place your paper over the objects and start lightly rubbing over the item.
    Head to the Facebook group for more in depth instructions, examples,  focus exercises and to share your creations!

An example frottage created in a kitchen