CREATE-on: more than a-part

This project is a part of our CREATE-on programme, a programme made in response to the Covid-19 restrictions challenging the way we stay creative.

more than a-part is also a legacy of the #BostonHero project, which celebrated the Boston community’s unsung heroes in artwork on the side of Boston Borough Council’s fleet of refuse collection trucks

Project Description

more than a-part is a portrait of Boston in, and emerging from, lockdown during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Participants were invited to take part in a phone conversation to share their stories and to think about the question: what or who are we thankful for?

It was a chance to celebrate acts of kindness, special relationships and treasured spaces. Participants simply contributed to the work through conversation which then inspired the artwork but they were also welcome to create elements which were worked into the artwork.

The resulting artworks will form a ‘tapestry’ of individual experiences using cyanotypes, an early Victorian photographic process (the header image of this webpage is an example of the process). This will form a lasting testament to Boston’s ‘lockdown’ experience and the people and places who helped residents through this time.

In the first stage of the project, chats took place by phone, FaceTime or Skype with Steven Hatton of Electric Egg.

Project producer Steven Hatton

All participants will receive a copy of their artwork to keep as a memento.

The project continued into a second stage, more than a-part II.