CREATE-on Programme Overview

During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, we have commissioned artists/creative teams to invent projects that can be delivered under lockdown restrictions.

As a Creative People and Places project, we recognise that the restrictions and the virus effects our physical wellbeing as well as our mental wellbeing and the sense of community. The CREATE-on project is very much about using arts activity to connect Boston and South Holland residents with the place they live, and then by sharing their work and stories, connecting with the wider world.

The programme might also provide creative escapism to those who may have found themselves isolated with more hours to fill, opportunity to reflect on their experience, activity to do with their family, or simply trying to find a creative outlet and much-needed distraction.

CREATE-on is also about Transported continuing to support freelance artists to undertake innovative art that reaches new audiences, and to capture the learning from the experience to inform future programming and policy. 

The programme was completely free to take part in! There were a range of techniques and activities available for people to try, so there was something for all tastes and experiences. 

Read the project’s Story of Change.


Curious Lockdown Tales

The Curious Lockdown Tales is a unique and enchanting online storytelling through puppetry, mixing the imagination with the narrative of everyday moments in this unique situation.

With artists makes, hints and help, participants could either follow the story of Clarence Fox and Alabama Robin on Instagram or they can join in with the processes, suggest storylines and make their own stories and characters.

Craft Catalyst Club

The Craft Catalyst Club was remote craft club aimed at adults who may not use the internet and are feeling especially isolated,so this may be perfect for an older isolated relative!

The club gives participants the chance to experience the craft skills they may have always been getting around to, and have the opportunity to discuss their creations with others in this project, designed to be the stepping stone on a creative journey.

Participants can create a positive community postcard to send to another club member as well as receiving one in the post or they can complete a form and be ‘prescribed’ a craft kit by the artists!


FenFrott invites participants to create frottage drawings (rubbing drawings) from three rooms of their homes. Participants can post their frotts in a Facebook group online for other members to try to figure out the location of the exercise!

Alongside the rubbings, there are focus exercises to try; taking a moment to record everything they see, hear, smell and feel. The thoughts can be written/typed and presented with the frottages when they are shared online.

Chris was on the streets of South Holland and Boston in June to give out materials. He delivered straight to peoples homes a pizza box in which had 20 sheets of paper, a stick of graphite (for rubbing) and a list of instructions. 

more than a-part

more than a-part is a portrait of Boston in, and emerging from, lockdown during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Boston residents are invited to take part in a phone conversation to share their stories and to think about the question: what or who are we thankful for?

Participants may simply contribute to the work through conversation which then inspires the artwork but they are also welcome to create elements which will be worked into the artwork. The resulting artworks will form a ‘tapestry’ of individual experiences using cyanotypes.


My Sense of Place Booklet

Complete the booklet and help influence the design of a new Boston town centre sculpture!

The Boston Buoys Trail is a series of six stunning art installations repurposing navigational buoys created by artists Jo Chapman, Carrie Reichardt and Bex Simon.

The artworks celebrate Boston’s rich heritage and maritime connections, capturing our fascination with exploration across the world. They also celebrate what is special in Boston – from local heroes to Boston’s hidden past. 

The decoration of one of the Buoys will be influenced by the completed booklets.