Drawing on the Domestic

This project is a part of our Creative Response to Loneliness programme, free to participate and open to South Holland residents.

Taking experience from his project FenFrott, artist Chris Lewis-Jones is bringing frottage art to South Holland. 

‘Drawing on the Domestic’ participants will receive an activity box containing all of the materials you need in order to undertake five creative tasks. These tasks may be undertaken daily, or all at the same time, it’s up to you!

Frottage is a drawing technique in which an image is created by rubbing a mark making tool (such a graphite) over a sheet of paper that is placed over a textured surface. Frottage (French, from ‘frotter’ to rub) was developed by surrealist artist Max Ernst in 1925.

The creative tasks range from drawing, gliding, writing and of course frottage.

You will be invited to exhibit your work in the windows of your homes/centres and online. 

Where possible, Chris will bring your art box to you, delivery style!

To sign up, contact Chris on chrislewisjones44@gmail.com or 07877 989 213.

An example frottage