Perch Here

The Perch Here project is a programme of place-shaping projects in Sutton Bridge and Wingland, to celebrate the area’s unique characteristics.

The programme of activity is aimed at:

  • the local environment – for the use and enjoyment of all
  • wellbeing – through the increased use of routes and trails, providing a high quality experience for residents and visitors 


  • the village to its riverside setting and beyond – to its wider strategic place on the England Coast Path
  • residents with the unique identity and history of the place – through arts participation


  • local amenities – to encourage increased use of both the village and the moorings by visitors and residents
  • local sites of interest – to enable greater appreciation of the special features of the area

The first phase of the project was centred around free carving workshops in the Sutton Bridge area with carver Peter Tree.

Peter Tree delivering workshops with Transported on a previous project

The sessions took place in the Transported Gazebo on Bridge Road Green, opposite Baxter’s Fish and Chip Shop on Saturdays 2, 9, 18, and 23rd July.

Participants have been helping to carve six way-markers that will also have small seats for people to “perch on” as a nod to Peter Scott and his lighthouse just over the river.

These first phase of session allowed for consultation, and research, getting ideas for what the second phase will be (additional seating, signage, and artworks) from the community themselves.

After the first phase, we learnt from community feedback that waymarkers and raised viewing platforms along the river are desired. To gain more feedback and open the sessions to a more varied audience, including younger participants, plans are in place for sessions in September.

These sessions will be Carving and Ceramics workshops. With Greenfield Pottery, participants are invited to make their own heraldic shield. You’re invited to make the shield personal to you and maybe your family.

Feel free to bring along items that can be used in a press pattern clay technique that will help with your custom design!

The new artwork and activities are aimed to have been completed and installed by Spring 2023, with a look to culminating the programme with a festival-type celebration event centred around a theme unique to the area to draw in visitors and engage local residents.

Witham Way Woodcarving Group’s work

The project is funded by Transported (Arts Council England Creative People and Places Fund) and Lincolnshire County Council.