Public Art

In 2014 Transported explored the concept of innovative and exciting artworks created for spaces in Boston Borough and South Holland

Transported Deckchairs

Past Inspired Launch (c) Electric Egg (2)The Transported Deckchairs, which were designed at workshops working with David Mackie during our consultation phase in Phase I, went on a mini tour of Boston Borough and South Holland in little groups. They were on display throughout the summer in places including William Stuckley Primary School in Holbeach, Boston Guildhall, Age UK Community Rooms in Boston, Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding and Boston College at the Red Lion Quarter in Spalding. As well as these small groups, all 90 deckchairs went on an extended holiday at Springfield’s Festival Gardens in Spalding. We invited people to take pictures of the Transported Deckchairs to add to our Transported Deckchair Family Album. In addition to the deckchair tour, from the 90 individually designed deckchairs inspired by Lincolnshire themes of heritage, agriculture, horticulture and food processing, 12 hand-picked designs were made into limited edition postcards that were available over the summer. (Image: Transported Deckchairs, Electric Egg)

As part of our Quality and Innovation Programme, we also invited artists Jo Coupe and Michael Condron to present their views of what constitutes quality and innovation, explain how they measure and achieve them and specifically explore the context of their activity or experience for an artist’s talk.

RSPB Frampton Marsh Commission

Transported 016 Eloquent Fold by Electric Egg egg_0839For the first exciting Public Art commission of Phase II, Transported were delighted to have commissioned cammdesign to produce their design to be installed at RSPB Frampton Marsh. Their piece will be situated in and directly responds to the site – it will be made from stainless steel and cedar and will take the form of a larger than life reed bed, a representation of the division between land and water. This commission is a continuation of the Structures on the Edge programme that lies along the East Coast, a direct link and a visual metaphor of the area and true ‘Structure on the Edge’. (Image: cammdesign maquette, Electric Egg)

Feathers Workshop Spalding High School 12-03-15 (8)To support the final sculpture by cammdesign, local artist and textile sculptor Julie Willoughby has been working with the community in order to deliver an extensive engagement programme in areas locally to the RSPB at Frampton Marsh. This consists of three elements entitled Flock, Plumage and Feather in preparation for the Launch Event on Saturday 23 May 2015 – where the final design by cammdesign will be installed and celebrated. The Flock workshops, which took place over the summer at Boston Borough Council’s Family Fun Fridays and also Boston Flood Aid, saw a wide range of beautiful interpretations of birds in flight drawn by the public. As part of the Plumage workshops, Julie worked with both first time knitters and established knitting groups to create an assortment of bird inspired hats and scarves to be displayed at the launch event in 2015. The final workshops to be held in 2015 are the Feathers workshops where Julie will work with families and schools to create beautiful large scale feathers made of willow and tissue paper. (Image: Spalding High School Feathers workshop)

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