Spalding Street Seekers

Spalding Street Seekers is a game to play on the streets of Spalding.

The project has been invented and produced by Making Up Your Street artists Laura Mabbutt and Kathleen Smith.

Project producers and inventors, Laura and Kathleen.

The aim of the project is to not only encourage tourism in Spalding, but also provide a way for the residents to see spots of the town they may have not noticed before and to encourage them to visit various businesses and perhaps create new customers for them. The hope is for the Spalding Street Seekers to not only to benefit the town economically but to have players learn more about Spalding and enjoy have an enjoyable exercise by walking around playing the game.

How To Play

“The aim of the game is to find all of the 3D printed objects located throughout the town, some you will keep and some you will use to help you work out the next puzzle to discover the next location on your journey.

Work through this booklet in order, from front to back. Each page holds a puzzle that will need the objects scattered throughout the town to solve and reveal your next location. In the middle of the booklet you will find a map of the town to help you.”

The objects are 3D printed by the artists and click together to make a take-home prize. The objects are hidden in various locations, including inside local business.

Prizes to take home

The design style of the game’s booklet and the take-home treasure are inspired by the style of the London Underground’s map. This is because both the familiar red Underground logo and the iconic map were among the many designs commissioned  Frank Pick, who came from Spalding! We hope that more people will learn this little known fact, particularly those from Spalding themselves from playing this game.

Due to the pandemic, our events for this project have been put on hold, we hope to soon resume our planning for this project!