Public Art Trail


Transported’s On Your Doorstep programme consists of public realm enhancement projects where artists, designers and sculptors are commissioned by local groups, residents and organisations to improve public spaces, making them more interesting, attractive and cared for.

Read on for more details about each of the public artworks Transported has funded since 2013. Scroll down to the end of the page for a Google map with each artwork on.

Boston Borough

Seeds of Time – Boston Woods, Boston

Boston Woods Unveiling photo Sue Kirk

Artist: James Sutton

Partners: Boston Woods Trust

Created in partnership with Boston Woods Trust, after they nominated this area as part of Transported’s On Your Doorstep programme.

These sculptures were inspired by the life and works of Sir Joseph Banks. They represent the main passion in his life, collecting, documenting and cultivating plants from all over the world. The shape of the seeds came from sketches in old books documenting the seeds he collected. The seeds/sculptures are designed to be touched, climbed and sat on, hidden away in the woods for people to stumble across. James also ran a drop-in stone carving workshop at Boston Woods to encourage people of all ages to try stone carving for the first time.


Windsor Crescent Carvings – Windsor Crescent, Boston

Windsor Ct Stone Carvings credit Electric Egg (30)

Artist: James Sutton

Partners: Boston Mayflower

Created in partnership with Boston Mayflower, after they nominated this area as part of Transported’s On Your Doorstep programme. The themes for the carvings are based on the local area and were chosen through a public vote.

These designs came from consultation with the community, with each carving representing part of their history or current use of the site. James’ chosen designs are based on what was highlighted in the community consultation and are all themes that were repeatedly mentioned. The main thing that people wanted representing was that this was an area built on strong working class people. Whether working the land or in the factories, people thought this was a theme that reflects the past and is still very current today. It was also mentioned that this was also something that united local people with the new European community in the area.

Windsor Crescent Final Designs


Ducks & Fish – Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex, Boston

GMLC Railings credit Electric Egg (48)

Artist: James Sutton

Partners: Boston Borough Council

Created in partnership with Boston Borough Council, after they nominated the Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex as part of Transported’s On Your Doorstep programme. James worked with the Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex staff, users and local residents to determine the final designs.

This design is inspired by water, movement, wildlife, fishing and fun. The drain has always been at the heart of this community and has a rich history. Many of the community stories and feedback revolved around the drain, fishing with parents and children throughout the generations as well as being simply a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the wildlife.


Boston Gateway – Boston

FSTS Unveiling 21-11-2015 (92)

Artists: Jeni Cairns & Zaneta Belasicova

Partners: Boston Borough Council, Boston In Bloom, St Botolph’s Church, Lincolnshire County Council Highways, Witham Central and Carlton Road Neighbourhood Action Group, Len Medlock Centre

Created in partnership with Boston Borough Council, Boston In Bloom, Lincolnshire County Council Highways and Witham Central and Carlton Road Neighborhood Action Group after the route into Boston town centre was nominated as part of Transported’s On Your Doorstep programme.

The banner designs were inspired by what makes Boston special, with some design created in local open workshops.

Zaneta designed a series of 14 artworks which explore various themes inspired by Boston: its rich heritage, the past and the present.  Zaneta hopes that the artworks will inspire in the future too, even if it’s just a smile on someone’s face or makes people look at Boston differently. The large scale illustrations can be seen on walls as temporary banners, as window manifestations on bus shelters, waiting rooms at the train station or on the Len Medlock Centre. Some of the featured themes celebrate the May Fair, beautiful landmarks of Boston, diversity in cultures, the nearby seaside, parks and green spaces. Her research days were spent walking around Boston talking to lovely people, drinking plenty of tea and eating in numerous cafés. Whenever she had any questions about Boston and its history she talked to Polly Wilkinson, Alison Fairman and Luke Skerritt who all hold a wealth of knowledge.

The main inspiration for artworks came from creative consultations with the community of Boston and its visitors. During two open creative sessions, participants created artworks in response to their favourite place in Boston.

A third creative workshop took place in the Guildhall. Another activity was specifically designed for the voluntary group Your Day Your Say, which uses the Len Medlock Centre. Drawings from all workshops are incorporated within the designs. It was interesting and inspiring to see how children responded to the question of their favourite place in Boston, they mentioned buses and schools, the bird aviary, the seaside and the May Fair. Their response was so honest and simple, it just reminds us to enjoy the simple things. That is the aim for artworks like this, they celebrate everyday life – whether it is eating at a Polish restaurant, sitting in a park with friends, admiring landmarks or just spending the day at the May Fair.

The designs for the Len Medlock Voluntary Centre were developed in collaboration with their user group Your Day Your Say, where we spent one morning drawing objects Boston Guildhall. It was interesting to see what kind of objects were drawn, these were then scanned and incorporated within the design depicting the Guildhall.

The Boston Gateway gardens were designed by RHS Gold Medal winning garden designer, Jeni Cairns. Jeni led public workshops in the area by St. Botolph’s footbridge, inviting members of the community to help plant flowers and herbs and assemble an insect hotel as part of the installation.


Eternal Memories – Boston Crematorium

Eternal Memories Unveiling 26-10-2015 (84)

Artist: ALX Creations

Partners: Boston Borough Council, Witham East Neighbourhood Action Group

Created in partnership with Boston Borough Council and Witham East Neighbourhood Action Group, after this area was nominated as part of Transported’s On Your Doorstep programme. The piece depicts the memories of those who inhabit Boston and its surrounding areas and was informed by school and community workshops.


Fenside Portraits – Fenside Community Centre, Boston

Fenside Community Centre Launch credit Electric Egg (5)

Artist: Paul Floyd Blake

Partners: TaylorITEX

Created in partnership with TaylorITEX, after they nominated Fenside Community Centre as part of Transported’s On Your Doorstep programme. The portraits are of local Fenside residents.


Reflector – RSPB Frampton Marsh

2015-05-22 13.05.10

Artist: cammdesign

Partners: RSPB Frampton Marsh

Created in partnership with RSPB Frampton Marsh, with local community development workshops run by Zoomorphia. The commission links to other Structures on the Edge pieces along the East Coast, inspired by the reedbeds which straddle where land meets the water’s edge.

Bargate Green Banners – Bargate Green Market, Boston

Bargate Green Banners Launch (42)

Artist: Neil Baker

Partners: Boston Borough Council

These eleven banners portray the stall holders of the market and the goods they trade, whilst taking inspiration from its busy atmosphere and the trading history of Boston. Neil spent three months visiting the market to observe, sketch and talk with traders.


Woodcarvings – Witham Way Country Park, Boston

Witham Way Unveiling NJ (2)

Artist: Peter Tree

Partners: Witham Way Country Park

Transported and Witham Way Country Park commissioned local artist and craftsman Peter Tree to provide open access woodcarving workshops with local people to create three new spectacular oak artworks.

South Holland

Spalding: A Portrait of a Town – Spalding

Spalding Trail (c) Electric Egg (72)

Artist: Joseph Hillier

Partners: Spalding & District Civic Society

After Spalding town centre was nominated for Transported’s On Your Doorstep project, Transported and Spalding Civic Society commissioned artist Joseph Hillier for their ambitious commission, the first of many, to celebrate the town’s markets. Pupils from Spalding High School took part in shortlisting and were involved in final selection after the maquettes were exhibited around the town. The project has involved local people being 3D scanned by Joseph and then cast into bronze.

Spalding Public Art Trail


The Arrival – Crowland

The Arrival Website

Artist: Richard Janes

Partners: Crowland Parish Council

Created in partnership with Crowland Parish Council, after they nominated this area as part of Transported’s On Your Doorstep programme. The piece depicts the St Guthlac Rolls, which tell the story of St Guthlac and date back over 800 years.


The Imaginarium of Common Understanding – Long Sutton Common Pit

LSCP Unveiling (98)

Artist: Robyn Woolston

Partners: Long Sutton Civic Society

Created in partnership with Long Sutton Civic Society, after they nominated Long Sutton Common Pit for some artistic input as part of Transported’s On Your Doorstep programme.

The installation offers a series of sculptures that encourage an engagement with the site, history and geographical context within Long Sutton Common Pit, Lincolnshire. Utilising the idea that an ‘Imaginarium’ is a place devoted to the imagination, or a space of stimulation and cultivation, the artwork includes an interpretation sign, bird boxes and an insect hotel. The artwork is intended to provide an environment that enhances the ecology of the site in general whilst providing a ‘hotel/home’ for lacewing larvae (that feed on pests and aphids), solitary bees (mason bee), pollinators (bees & solitary wasps), hover flies & other hymenoptera (hymenoptera are one of the largest orders of insects, comprising of sawflies, wasps, bees and ants) alongside overwintering ladybirds.

The installation also focuses upon the cartography, geography and history of Long Sutton Common Pit alongside contributing to the development of its ecology. Long Sutton is an ‘Edge-land’ historically defined by its relationship to The Wash, the largest estuarine system in the UK.