Report: On Your Doorstep, Past Inspired & Public Art Go See at Branston History and Art Trail

On Wednesday 14 May several members of the Transported team went along to the publicised Branston History and Art trail as part of the Quality and Innovation Programme that Transported is offering. It was a lovely sunny day that offered the chance of a guided tour by Nick Jones, the curator of the project, around the village exploring the many, small public art installations of the area. The day was enjoyed by all and sparked many interesting conversations and questions about the project and the development of future public art projects of all different scales.

Local photography enthusiast Chris Lewis commented saying; ‘I really enjoyed the walk in Branston, it’s such a pretty place and the trail is very good and shows us some history in Branston. The walk is not too long and if the weather is on your side then it is a perfect chance to take in the sights of Branston while learning about the history.’  Chris was chatting to the team about his passion for photography.

The Transported team had a wonderful time in Branston and really enjoyed seeing the end results of a successful community public art project. This go see experience has really excited the team about seeing the end results of all the Transported public art projects from the biggest to the smallest!

Arts Engagement Worker Natalie Duffield-Moore was particularly enthralled by the charm bracelet fence that encircles the Branston Café car park saying; ‘Branston demonstrates many examples of small scale interventions placed around significant places in the village of Branston made by the local community. Based on the history of Branston, each plaque within the series tells a personal story through the illustration on the plaque that supports the photograph placed inside. My favourite piece of art included in this trail are the charms hanging from a metal chain placed in between wooden posts of the café car park. Having my own charm bracelet, I recognise the significance of each charm and what each charm may represent. By using everyday objects such as a tea cup and a sun flower I felt the piece of work was accessible for everyone. A great visit that I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of applying for a small scale public art project as well groups that are wanting to take on a small scale public art project within their own community.’

The trail offers many different pieces of art work to see, all of which have been designed and developed by local people from the history group, the school and village Mums who attend the local toddler group all offering a different perspective of village life and the history of Branston. Arts Engagement Worker Elizabeth Bergeron found these different interpretations an interesting element of the day, saying; ‘We had a fantastic time getting a personal tour from Nick Jones of the community art and heritage trail in Branston. I was particularly interested in learning about the diverging opinions of different community members, who managed to come together to create really dynamic and creative installations. It is particularly impressive that the people of Branston continue to contribute to the trail through their own initiative. After the completion of the project with artsNK, the Branston History Group were inspired to create this display to tie in with the trail’s theme of water.’

The visit to Branston was a wonderful opportunity and provided a lot of inspiration right here on our doorstep in Lincolnshire. If the Branston History and Art trail has inspired you to get involved with some public art then watch this space for a second Transported Go See opportunity to see the area or alternatively pop along and have a look yourself; see how many frames you can find!

For the chance to begin your own public art journey in your community why not nominate an area that you feel would benefit by filling in an On Your Doorstep nomination form – the next deadline is this Saturday (31 May).

Interested in Public Art in your Community? Transported are working with Frampton Marsh to commission a large scale public art project and we would love you to attend our Viewing and Sharing exhibition at the RSPB Visitor Centre at Frampton Marsh, Boston PE20 1AY.  This is a FREE event and will take place from 11-1pm on Wednesday 11 June 2014 where the six shortlisted designs will be exhibited in the form of a Marquette as well as the final design chosen to be commissioned at Frampton Marsh in October 2014.  The 6 shortlisted artists have now been announced on our website, please click on this link for further information.

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